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Network Maintenance

One of the quickest and cheapest ways to minimise the potential of major issues occuring on your network is to implement a preventative maintenance program. For a fixed cost and a fixed amount of time per week / per fortnight/ per month, our technicians can either unobtrusively attend your premises or work remotely to monitor, detect and repair any damage before you and your staff lose time or productivity.

Whether you are a small business with a single computer system or a larger company with 50+ workstations and multiple servers, Unitech Micro System will ensure that your computers remain productive as well as keep your systems and network healthy. With our Hyderabad & Secunderabad network maintenance service and computer repair programs, you can rest easy.

Our Computer Maintenance Task List

Deepika Computers Technician will regularly visit your place of work to provide active services as well as preventative computer maintenance on your workstations and servers.

Conduct routine network and computer maintenance to ensure that your workstations and servers are communicating properly and running with optimum performance.

Proactively checks for and correct any virus infection, spyware or other critical threats that can harm your computer network.

Troubleshoot any existing hardware or networking issues that have arisen since the last visit, as well as attending to new tasks provided by your team.

Provide your business priority onsite or telephone support if an issue arises between your regular preventative maintenance visits.

Regular Computer Network Health & Status Reports